Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Agnes Dumisani Mizere a writer/blogger with emphasis on ancient African spirituality and priesthoods.

What do you know and understand about industrial hemp?

I know Industrial Hemp as the growing of marijuana for industries to make and produce goods and it refers to cannabis varieties that are primarily grown as an agricultural crop.

What do you think the local name for industrial hemp should be from the following?

The local name for Industrial Hemp should also be Malawi Gold. There is money in Industrial Hemp but I foresee mostly the West having more interest and benefiting while locally we might look down on it because of today’s views of chamba (marijuana).

What negative and positive impacts do you think growing industrial hemp will have on Malawi?

There is also the issue of Indian Hemp being illegal in Malawi hence a crime while foreign 100% Indian Hemp hair products are imported and sold in some shops and groceries.

There has never been a good enough reason for the ban on Industrial Hemp as it is no more harmful than Industrial Tobacco but people misunderstood this mainly due to its relationship with marijuana, for both are cannabis.

How would you recommend government approaches the controlling measures on people farming industrial hemp.

Government needs to provide land and farming tools and water pumps if small-scale farmers are to farm Industrial Hemp and they should buy it at a fair price after harvest.

If you are currently farming would you grow industrial hemp as part of crop rotation on your farm?

I’m not yet farming but if I was I would grow Industrial Hemp as part of crop rotation.

Where do you see the future of industrial hemp in Malawi going?

There is a future for Industrial Hemp in Malawi just like there would be if there was interest in Malawian herbs but the challenge is local interest so I foresee mostly foreign companies investing in it and manufacturing value added products.

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