What is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial Hemp is a variety of the plant, Cannabis Sativa, but is cultivated for industrial purposes. It contains trace amounts of the mind-altering substance that makes you ‘high’, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Industrial hemp is therefore ‘non-alcoholic’ and is the variety of cannabis that cannot be smoked.

Who is Invegrow?

Invegrow Ltd is a Malawian company founded in December 2013 with the aim to trial, grow and process industrial hemp in Malawi, Southern Africa. We want to see hemp adopted as a new cash crop in Malawi and Malawians benefiting from its products on both a health and economic level.

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Invegrow Ltd has been given the first research licence in Malawi and is working closely with the government to trial different cultivars of low- THC industrial hemp strains and demonstrate small- scale production of hemp products. This began in 2015 with the long- term goal of establishing hemp as a new cash crop in the country

What is the legal status of industrial hemp in Malawi?

 Currently, the laws indicate that although cannabis products could be produced in Malawi under licence, its cultivation is not legal.


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